Research, develop, optimise

As part of our research and development efforts, we made the deliberate choice, some time ago, to incorporate totally digital calculation and analysis procedures.

As genuine decision-making tools, these different digital simulation programs enable us to confirm our design ideas in a flexible and efficient manner and at an acceptable price. In contrast, to achieve comparable accuracy, experimental processes such as towing tank tests, wind tunnel testing or mechanical trials are significantly more laborious and costly, less “state-of-the-art” and ill-suited to systematic use.

Digital tools enable us to optimise hull shapes, sail plans, appendages such as keels, and rudders for example, and to predict their performance based on outdoor conditions such as the wind, its strength, the direction its blowing from and the state of the sea. All of our yachts systematically undergo these simulation steps to guarantee optimised performance and handling. Structure is high on the agenda too, using finite element method (FEM) calculations. This equipment is systematically incorporated into our design procedure, for all of our creations. Over the years, thanks to our experience, we’ve developed and optimised their use.


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