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30 years of passion and creativity

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30 years of passion and creativity

30 years of passion and creativity

Designing a boat is an art, a subtle blend of creation and mastery, audacity and rigour. The success of our yachts stems from the privileged relationship we maintain with our clients. We discern their needs and place our skills at their disposal, offering them innovative solutions that respect the lines and balance of their project. From defining the concept to delivering their yacht, we get involved right down to the very last detail.

Exceptional circumstances

Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design, like all companies, is having to adapt to the exceptional circumstances here in France that we and the rest of the world are going ...

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At the beginning of 2020, our work within the agency epitomizes our team and the different talents that make it so eclectic: from 20 to over 100 feet, on one hull or ...

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Amel 60 – Multidirectional architecture

With the launch in 2017 of their new 50-foot model, Amel marked an important milestone in their long and rich history, by offering a sloop-rigged sailing boat, equipped ...

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The video

The team

Experts et innovants, pluridisciplinaires et à l'écoute

We are a 3 dimensional team, with three complementary skill sets which enable us to add depth to our projects: naval architecture, exterior design and interior design.

Berret-Racoupeau Yacht Design is one of the first naval architects to integrate a team of in-house designers. Our blend of expertise allows us to understand all of our clients requests in the most global and optimised way.

This multidisciplinary approach is taken one step further by the fact that our team comprises a variety of profiles, resulting in a mix of rich and innovative ideas: this combination of expertise together leads to new ideas, and innovations…

“We have a tightly-knit team: we work together with great understanding and cooperation. We are a diverse group of individuals, rich in cultures and with different views about the sailing world. Our “inside” and “outside” visions complement one another.

“The team is young and full of new ideas, which are always welcomed with great pleasure and attention. They have a great pool of skills between them which they use to help each other out. There is a good mood, a balance.”

We work in every field

Custom builds - Production builds - Offshore sailboats, extreme expeditions - Pure naval architectural research works - Exterior Design - From the design to the interior layout
Whatever the project or requirement, everything starts with listening to what the client has in mind and and then we work through analysing the idea with you. We then put together the required skill set for the project.

Our expertise

Designing a boat is a complex process: a blend of science and experience, creativity and artistic flair.
Our research confirms and asserts our intuition. It helps us to apply this to the perfect mastery of the mechanical limits of a boat.

Naval architecture
Our mission as naval architects respects the three fundamental axes governing yacht design:
- Performance and respect of balance
- Overall harmony and ergonomics
- Structure and resistance of mechanical demands
Exterior design
The designer is involved from the beginning of the project, combining the architect’s structural work with beautiful lines to bring harmony and cohesion to the design, in accordance with the technical confines of the boat.
Interior design
“First imagine and then create the story you want to live on board your future boat…”
It’s all about first listening to and understanding your wishes, as you embark on fulfilling your dreams.
Then, we transform the fantasy into reality by creating a space, combining materials and styles, and maximising every space.